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One of the first things you can do when going into business (and consequently, #1 on our Cybersecurity Essentials Checklist) is to create an internal privacy policy.

As the name suggests, the internal privacy policy is a written document to be shared with all employees of the company and is similar to a public privacy policy. This will outline the privacy and user expectations for data, records, communication, use of company property, and other applicable parts of the business.

If you don’t have a policy like this and you are not sure where to start, Chris gives a great template you can begin using in your business or organization.

Note: Make sure to replace the company name as needed.

“All content maintained in Company IT resources and communications systems are the property of the Company. Therefore, employees should have no expectation of privacy in any message, file, data, document, telephone conversation, social media post, conversation, or any other kind or form of information or communication transmitted to, received, or printed from, or stored or recorded on Company electronic information and communications systems –including Company-owned mobile devices. The Company reserves the right to monitor, intercept, and/or review all data transmitted, received, or downloaded over Company IT resources and communications systems in accordance with applicable law. Any individual who is given access to the system is hereby given notice that the Company will exercise this right periodically, without prior notice and without prior consent.

The interests of the Company in monitoring and intercepting data include, but are not limited to: protection of Company trade secrets, proprietary information, and similar confidential commercially-sensitive information (i.e. financial or sales records/reports, marketing or business strategies/plans, product development, customer lists, patents, trademarks, etc.); managing the use of the computer system; and/or assisting employees in the management of electronic data during periods of absence.”

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